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It’s a French invasion

Get ready for a sonic assault from across the channel – the annual Oui Love tour is back! Committed to introducing us Brits to the most exciting acts of the New French Wave, Oui Love has yet again put together an unmissable tour, coming to our shores in May.

The formula is simple: six nights in the UKs best venues with two of France’s hottest musical offerings – much hyped coldgaze pioneers Team Ghost and electro new wave maestro Anoraak - a must for all fans of new music.

Working on behalf of the French Music Export Office, Oui Love can always be relied upon to expose us to the most important musical stirrings from across the pond. Last year was extremely successful featuring The Shoes, Bewitched Hands on the Top of Our Heads, Revolver and Curry & Coco, along with English student bands Bella Diem and Jimi’s Parade.

The 2011 tour continues the tradition of teaming French acts with emerging young British talent. Joining Team Ghost and Anoraak on the bill will be the winners of a competition organised by Access to Music to find the UK’s best student band – winners will be announced later this month.

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