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Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas

The past month has seen a host of rock stars, pop stars and divas added to the 2011 Bestival bill, and it is exactly those people who fit that mould who we will be celebrating with our fancy dress theme this year on the Isle of Wight.

So when it comes to the UK’s Best Festival between September 8 and 11 expect spandex cat suits, face paint, Union Jack dresses, flowing hair and glammed up girls in suits of meat being carried across the field on the back of a massive floating lily pad – well perhaps not the latter but you get the idea.

Tickets are now on sale for the magical festival and can be bought here, and click the link below to listen to our Spotify playlist of everything Rock Star, Pop Star and Diva as selected by the Get Involved office (read more for Tracklist)

Get Involved’s Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas Spotify Playlist

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GI’s soundtrack to childhood

With the launch of Camp Bestival and the recent announcement of Laura Marling joining the bill at our ultimate family festival, we have been racking our brains in the Get Involved office for the songs which made us tick when we were nippers.

So we present to you the soundtrack of our childhoods and hopefully jog your memories of 99s – when they cost 99p – dribbling down the cone onto your fingers, falling off your bike and grazing your knee, and those intolerable drives which seemed to last an eternity and half an hour in blistering heat to go and visit some long lost cousins.

Now, as is inevitable, there is a wide stretch of time between some of the songs with 90s pop Babylon Zoo, back through The Prodigy’s rave days to the Pointer Sisters and Bobby Gentry – but one constant is the amazing memories they bring back.

To check out the full track-list click read more, and listen to it on Spotify.

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GI’s February Godlike Genius Playlist

With Shockwaves NME Awards fever flying around the office, and indeed the UK for the month of February, we thought it was only right we twist our monthly Spotify playlist to reflect the sensational heritage and fantastic music which has been promoted by Britain’s most iconic music magazine.

Therefore, some of us in the Get Involved office have selected a track, which optimises the NME and then picked our own personal Godlike Genius. Of course Dave Grohl is the worthy recipient of the NME’s highest honour this year, while we have stretched from Grooverider to Patti Smith and Paddy McAloon to Siouxsie Sioux.

Listen to what we have picked on Spotify, and click read more to check out a full tracklist and explanations as to why we have chosen certain people who we think, in some way, resonate God’s image in human-like musician form.

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The GI January Spotify Playlist

Its that time of the month already, everyone bangs their heads together to come up with a selection of music treats for your audible pleasure. The rules are simple – one new favourite and one classic each, creating a genre spanning playlist that goes along way to explaining the daily fight for control of the GI stereo.

December is traditionally a slow month for new music with labels winding down and relying on compilations and greatest hits to earn their Christmas crust, but there are still a few diamonds to be found amongst the snow.

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