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Get In Bed is our expert sponsorship division focused on brokering brand partnership and sponsorship deals. For Events: We offer a full service including sales strategy, brand matching, contract negotiations and account management. For Brands: We develop objective based creative solutions to ensure real standout and tangible results.

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Our 2011 events roster


Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight

Seen in the eyes of many as the official end to the festival season Bestival has shown that it is possible to achieve ‘boutique’ on a grand scale. Speak to anyone on the return ferry from the Isle of Wight and most will struggle to favour the always stellar line-up from head honcho Rob da Bank or the ultimate escapist world that his team create across the woods, valleys and rolling green fields of the Robin Hill site. Expect fire breathing late night parties, smokey swamp shacks and bollywood raves a plenty and all conquered as part of the biggest fancy dress party in the world!

Facebook Likes: 153,127 Twitter Followers: 75,230 Instagram Followers: 16,743 YouTube Subscribers: 19,561 Google Plus Followers: 12,541 Tumblr Followers: 761

Audience Primary 18 - 24 yr. olds, secondary 25 - 35 yr. olds. Early adopting & music + fashion savvy consumers. 

Opportunities Arena Sponsorship, Experiential, Sampling, Pouring, Vending

Past Acts Inc Elton John, Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dogg, The Knife, M.I.A, The Flaming Lips, Disclosure, Richie Hawtin and many more.



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